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Born out of a passion for hair and a love for Long Beach

Welcome to City Love Salon & Barbershop, where hair, style, and Long Beach's eclectic culture come together in perfect harmony. Founded in 2015 by local husband and wife duo, Bryan and Brittany Castillo, our mission is to create a unique and unforgettable salon experience that empowers clients to express their individuality and leave feeling fabulous.

From humble beginnings, City Love has flourished into a local favorite, with three vibrant locations throughout Long Beach: City Love 1900, City Love Downtown, and City Love Naples. Each location offers a distinct ambiance, reflecting the diverse and exciting energy of Long Beach, ensuring a memorable experience for every visit.

Our talented team of stylists and barbers are passionate about their craft and dedicated to staying ahead of the latest trends and techniques. With a focus on innovative hair care services and exceptional customer satisfaction, we've built a loyal client base that considers City Love their go-to destination for all things hair.

We take pride in fostering a sense of community within our salons, hosting events and collaborating with other local businesses to contribute to the thriving Long Beach scene. At City Love, we believe that the transformative power of hair is not just about looking good, but feeling confident and empowered.

Join us at City Love Salon & Barbershop and experience the difference. Unleash your style, embrace your individuality, and become a part of the City Love family.

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City Love expands its horizons, opening a lively second location in the heart of Downtown Long Beach
Embracing the ocean breeze, City Love relocates its original salon and barber shop to the stunning 1900 Ocean Boulevard
City Love's passion for hair and style reaches the Naples neighborhood, opening a cozy new location immersed in the coastal charm of Long Beach

Meet Our Talented Team

Passionate Stylists and Barbers Dedicated to Unleashing Your Style and Confidence
Brittany Castillo
Owner - Master Stylist
Bryan Castillo
Owner - Master Barber
Nicole Dutch
Gabby Romanello
Loryn Ruiz-Mendoza
Norma Jean Adriano
David Valenzuela
Trent Randal
Sammy Renteria
Andrew Santana
Tyler Rodriguez
Mercy Sanchez

1900 Ocean

1900 Ocean Blvd. Long Beach, CA 90802

Feel the ocean breeze and indulge in a chic atmosphere at our 1900 location, surrounded by stunning views and iconic landmarks


421 W Broadway Suite 880 Long Beach, CA

Immerse yourself in urban energy at our Downtown location, nestled in the heart of Long Beach's bustling entertainment district

Naples - Barbershop

5626 East 2nd Street Long Beach, CA

Experience coastal charm and laid-back luxury at our Naples location, just steps from the marina and 2nd Street shopping district

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